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Strategic Vantage Program

We are grateful for the trust you may put in our services and look forward to continuing productive relationships for the long term. Continuity is a major factor for success, exponential results and top graded quality productivity. If current forecasts 2010-2020 prove true then your company can greatly benefit from the aforementioned program. Keeping pace ahead of the curve we created this innovative program putting J H Dugan Company to work for you.

On a continuous basis, our search research practice produces selected, active candidates of exceptional quality who possess unique abilities and experience. Due to the intermittent timing of your assignments, you miss knowing many of these candidates. In addition our Plastics Career Registry maintains active dialogs with talented and fast track "passive" individuals who prefer to be made aware of intermittent opportunities much the same way. These two benefits are missing from standard search agreements.

We propose to close the gap. Some of the most eligible candidates in the market today are known to us, and we'd like to introduce you to them before they move elsewhere. These passive candidates are carefully screened, analyzed and referenced for their expertise, competencies, quality, timing and status. With your prior approval, from time to time, we present selected individuals to you on attractive terms. They, of course, would be chosen based upon years of assessment experience and our privileged knowledge of your organization.

This innovative approach to recruitment creates legitimate strategic staffing typically missing from traditional recruitment. Accepting our proposal as part of a current assignment or by annual agreement insures access to individuals that you would not otherwise acquire. You will know in advance of their availability enabling a strategic hire or support an existing succession plan.

Your company benefits by hiring the right person, introducing a better fit from the start on a timely basis at a lower cost. Natural leaders and innovators accomplish more in shorter periods of time. These individuals possess the "star" qualities never identified in normal position descriptions. Furthermore, you will have advance review of their candidacy before they are presented to the marketplace eliminating costly indecision and untimely competitive offers.

If this "Just-In-Time" approach to securing quality and timely management for your company makes sense, please contact us to set STRATEGIC VANTAGE PROGRAM in motion for you.

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