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Mergers and Acquisitions

At J.H. Dugan Company, our focus is on creating value for clients and private equity groups by serving as an informed finder within the plastics industry.

We are dedicated to understanding your investment criteria and proactively identifying valuable acquisition targets that have tremendous growth opportunity, while promising a smooth transaction process. By partnering with plastics industry clients, we can find buyers, sellers and lead executives to help you identify qualified investment opportunities that fit your strategic growth plans.

In many cases, we have found that clients will have the resources, but not the leadership, to complete an acquisition and then manage it in the long term. We help by finding key executives that are already working in the areas of specialization or technology enhancing. 

Typically, J.H. Dugan Company is already working with executives predisposed for client strategies and growth plans. We keep a database on the most eligible candidates on the market at any given time, from which we can draw names to suit the particular needs of our clients. We look beyond resumes and understand how these candidates' experiences shape them and qualify them to handle a position. By matching up key players, buyers and sellers, we create exceptional value for investors, candidates and clients.

This is a finder service and it should not be confused with investment banking. The executive search process is an excellent way to quickly and economically grow your business and establish a blueprint for future success. It is a natural complement to recruiting and client representation.

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