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Plastics Industry Career Coach Now A First

After 40 years of Plastics Industry sales, recruitment and consulting John Dugan now offers Executive Coaching, insight for today's advice on the best ways to advance a career in the Plastics Industry. How often do you wish you had a mentor or critical advice on a career decision? It is rare indeed that someone as prestigious and insightful as John has opened his practice to this otherwise classified information. Are you "on boarded or just "passed over"? Are you in line for the job you have been groomed for or is it open for the parity of the new regime? How do you get in front of the actual hidden decision maker that in turn influences the hiring manager to launch you into the continuation of you and your mentor's strategic career plan? What are your key components of your "Book", the accepted internal portfolio of your career plan with accepted references? With complete confidentiality Mr. Dugan of J H Dugan Company will maintain forward movement without falling prey to compression or political fallout. The good news is that if you lose your good standing with an employer you will be in the hands of one of the most experienced Plastics Industry consultants in the world.

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