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ABOUT US                                                                                                                                                                         

JH Dugan Company is an executive search firm for the plastics industry that provides valuable insight into top-level candidates, helping clients maintain a strategic advantage during the hiring process. The JH Dugan Company is headed by plastics industry expert John H. Dugan, who is also a champion of innovative recruiting, mentoring and coaching services. John is a former executive with GE Plastics and has extensive experience with engineering plastics.

We are embedded in the plastics industry. The most eligible candidates in the market today are known to us and/or registered in the JH Dugan Company Database. These best-of-breed and rockstar candidates will only work with an exclusive, specialized plastics recruiter empowered with their key information. They require confidentiality regarding proprietary products, key account knowledge and strategic business ventures. We also engage in-house researchers to find and vet candidates for accuracy and compliance at all times.

What sets JH Dugan Company apart?

The JH Dugan Company is a best-in-class plastics recruiter because of two elements of the executive recruiting process that are unique to our firm: a competency-based interviewing model and our unique fee structure.

John is an expert in neurolinguistics and the competency-based interviewing structure, which aggregates who an individual is—their unique experience and background—not simply a rehashing of their resume and determining how they fit into a matrix. John is able to develop a holistic understanding of an executive candidate and use that information to predict the extent to which they'll succeed in a given role.

JH Dugan Company's executive search methods also use a combination of analytical comparisons, investigative reporting, Biodata interviewing, competitive analysis, sophisticated tracking systems, insider sources, industry affiliations and trade organizations. We verify when making a placement that this information is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge and sources.

Our unique, innovative fee structure

No other executive search firm for the plastic industry can match the JH Dugan Company's fee structure.

In a typical retained executive search model, clients pay the executive recruiter in advance, before work has begun. The client then pays in installments—typically three. This process is risky for the recruiter because a candidate could have already taken another job.

The process put in place by the JH Dugan Company, and executed to perfection, involves a predetermined flat fee, not a percentage of the candidate's compensation, as is often the case with most large executive search firms. Then, the client will pay three installments—one-third in advance, one-third when a "success" benchmark is met and one-third on the candidate's start date.

The JH Dugan Company also guarantees the selected candidate will remain with the company for 12 months, which far exceeds the industry standard of 90 days. This guarantee further mitigates risk for the client and is unrivaled in the plastics recruitment industry.

About John H. Dugan

John H. Dugan's diversified plastics industry career experience spans 40 years. Since 1977, he has researched and pioneered plastics industry executive search and consulting to differentiate from the standard and to better the process of career development. From college to present he took the advice well after seeing the movie "The Graduate" in 1969. We are firmly established in the plastics industry, having supported the "Who's Who of Plastics" creating hundreds of careers. Clients from the Americas, Asia and Europe have benefited from our expertise, exceptional service and all aspects of human resource processing.

“Each assignment is customized for ultimate success. J H Dugan Company insures the two most important results: highest quality and timely placements for employee longevity”.

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