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Why Use J H Dugan Company?
  • We track the best plastics talent using competency-based search methods. Thanks to biodata, we can confirm which candidates have the character and potential longevity to succeed at your company.
  • J H Dugan has 30 years of experience and is well-known throughout the plastics industry. In addition, we are affiliated with some of the best sources around the world. This gives us a unique reach.
  • Our exclusive HireDesk Database has 31,000 Plastics Industry professionals and our best practice service business has produced 2,900 executives.
  • We guarantee a commitment to completing all our assignments in a timely manner while acclimating client strategies.
  • We represent only the best passive candidates, which allows us to facilitate exceptional career advancement and excellent ROI.
Management and Experience
J H Dugan Company is a diversified plastics industry executive recruiter with more than 30 years of experience seeking out the best talent for our clients. We pioneered plastics industry executive search in order to set ourselves apart from the industry standard at the time, while still advancing the process of career development. As a result, JHDC has mentor and client relationships with the "Who's Who" of plastics industries around the world.

As one recent client put it: 
“J H Dugan is the most connected plastics recruiter in the business”

Hundreds of references attest to Exponential Returns From Exceptional Results
Exclusive Plastic Industry Career Registry
Established in 1984, the exclusive JHDC Plastic Industry Career Registry cross-references the requirements and qualifications of individuals to current and prospective clients. Utilizing HireDesk by Talent Technologies, your information—whether client or candidate—and the Registry is secured within a state-of-the-art automated tracking system (ATS). This enables timely and quality results in real time, and gives us an advantage over the competition.
Plastics Career Talent Portal
Professional Confidentiality
J.H. Dugan Company assures confidentiality. Under no circumstances are names or corporate strategies released without authorization. Confidential information is managed with utmost care for the protection of all concerned. Our clients enjoy anonymity, particularly with regard to strategic business ventures that are sensitive to competitive interpretation.
Analytical Approach
Next Generation Selection Redefining Expectations
J H Dugan Company has successfully identified key performance criteria for prospective recruits. Each assignment begins with the gathering in-depth information that impacts the selection, assessment, vetting and recommendation processes. The JHDC process ensures productive and focused interviews that lead to better results.

Our clients and competitors know that we are the "Most Connected in the Plastics Industry."

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